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Allow us work our magic to keep your home looking great. Don’t let your flooring succumb to the degradation of time and lose that beautiful new grain look it started with. Hire a professional floor sanding service in Perth who knows how to revitalise those tired looking timber planks. Love Flooring has a highly knowledgeable team at their disposal who knows how to extract the healthiest looking finish from your hardwood or bamboo floors. Our professionals only employ time tested floor sanding and polishing techniques for your Perth home to achieve the most vibrant results.

Benefits of floor polishing and sanding

When your timber floors have lost their original lustre, sanding or polishing can transform them from their dull, lifeless colour and transform them back to their original beauty. So don’t panic at the first sign of wear and take the nuclear option by having them all torn up and replaced, there are much more affordable and practical solutions at your disposal.

floor polishing in perth

Spend a little to save a lot

Sanding your floors can actually improve their lifespan and prevent you from having to pay for costly replacements or repairs. Some people opt to cover up the damaged or ugly timber planks with colourful rugs, but these will require frequent cleaning to remove dust – resulting in extra costs for you. Our floor polishing can have your Perth home looking brand new with flooring that is clean and free of allergens. Don’t settle for the rug solution before you’ve considered our services!

Scratches be gone

Nothing ruins beautiful flooring faster than scratches from dragging furniture or dropping plates and cutlery. This isn’t as unfixable as you may think and most damages can be removed with a thorough sanding. Following this up with polishing afterwards will ensure that small dints and scratches become virtually invisible, giving you that new floor look that you once loved.

We’re the flooring experts

We offer our services in a range of other areas, including engineered and bamboo flooring, as well as vinyl and laminate variations. No matter what you need, we have the experience and the dedicated team to make it happen. Call us today for a free quote on 0422 600 600. Our friendly professionals aim to provide absolute customer satisfaction, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for any queries you might have.