Go Green with Bamboo Flooring in Perth

If you are environmentally conscious and wish to limit your impact on the planets natural resources, then we have an ecofriendly alternative for you. Bamboo floors are a more sustainable option for improving the look of your home due to their rapid rate of reproduction.

Bamboo is essentially grass based, and comes to full maturity in the wild within three–five years, meaning that it can be farmed sustainably, without placing a greater strain on the environment than is necessary.

Consider our strand woven bamboo floors

Whilst it is true that this natural material is not as structurally durable as solid timber flooring, there are some methods of production that can significantly improve this. We offer customers strand woven bamboo flooring options in Perth that will be more resilient compared to the more traditional methods of production.

In normal production methods, bamboo floors have the fibres laminated one over the other, whereas the strand woven process actually weaves the fibres into an adhesive base. Depending on your budget and your requirements, we can find a solution that will meet your desired specifications.

bamboo flooring in perth

Flooring provide an affordable option to revitalise your home

If you’ve grown tired of the décor of your house but don’t want to spend a fortune on completely renovating the interior, then investing in a quality bamboo floor is an excellent alternative. You might be surprised by the drastic difference it makes to your space by projecting a completely different atmosphere and complementing your existing décor in new and exciting ways. Our strand woven bamboo options can create some interest patterns which will look unique in comparison to other hardwood equivalents.

Why choose us?

With close to 20 years’ experience in the industry, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as a trusted flooring brand customers have come to rely on. We ensure absolute customer satisfaction and display a consistent level of professionalism and courtesy during all of our jobs. Whether we’re completing floor sanding, vinyl or laminate flooring, we’re always going to make sure you receive the very best in service.

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If you’d like to find out more about our bamboo flooring for Perth homes, give us a call today on 0422 600 600 and one of our friendly customer services representatives will be happy to assist. We can also offer an obligation free quote if required. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and always aim to go above and beyond your expectations. So regardless of whether you had a query about our products or other services, don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask away.