Utilise Vinyl Plank Flooring for Your Perth Home

If you’re looking for an alternative to hardwood or bamboo, we can offer another product to give you a quality looking floor. Our vinyl plank flooring in Perth can offer a cheaper and easier to install alternative to timber, and it has a number of other advantages as well.

Benefits of vinyl flooring

When you opt to go with vinyl you are granted a greater flexibility and creative control with how you want your floors to look. There are many different colours and patterns available to create the exact look you are after. This is one of the many reasons why our vinyl plank solutions are so popular amongst our customers. If you were unsure as to which product variation would suit your existing décor and the style of your home, speak with our professionals about the look you’re hoping to achieve and they’ll be able to assist.

vinyl plank flooring perth

Cost effective

Due to its inexpensive manufacturing costs and easy installation, our vinyl flooring Perth prices are cheaper than some of our other timber products. Not only this, but they require very little maintenance and only need to be swept occasionally to maintain the surface.

Water resistant

Our professionals install each vinyl plank efficiently to ensure that water penetration is virtually impossible. This makes it perfect for rooms which are prone to moisture spills such as the bathroom or laundry.

Avoid extra labour prices

Our team can have your floor installed quicker than solid wood flooring, avoided additional costs for those who are on a budget. We aim for our services to be quick and efficient, saving you time and hassle so you’re not put out of your home for too long.

Spare those chilly toes

You’ll pleased to know that during those cold winter months our vinyl flooring won’t get cold like tiles and some timbers are prone to do. No more dancing across your lounge room floor in the morning like you’re running across burning coals.

Other flooring options with cheaper prices

If you’d like some additional alternatives, we can also provide laminate or bamboo floor solutions which are cheaper than hardwood, although not quite as durable. Call us for a free quote today on 0422 600 600 to learn more about our affordable vinyl flooring prices available in Perth. Our team is always happy to speak with customers and to answer any enquiries as required.